A new school year is here, and it brings with it the opportunity for students to erase mistakes from past years. This year could be the year that students finally stop procrastinating when it comes to schoolwork. This could also be the year that they start enjoying math, or learn to organize their study notes.

Aside from the occasional back-to-school jitters, it’s a great time to be a student—the school year is fresh and new, and full of possibilities.

As the first days of school pass into the first weeks, jitters begin to fade. Students settle into the routine of their new classes.

Unfortunately, they can also find themselves settling back into bad habits from previous years. Before you know it, your family is rushing around in the morning, textbooks are being forgotten, and poor test marks are rolling in.

It’s important to start the new school year off on the right foot. That’s because it’s just as easy to develop good habits as it is to fall back into bad habits. The trick is to implement better school habits while it is still early in the school year. The sooner that students make good school habits part of their daily routine, the more likely it is that they will keep these habits for the entire school year.

Preparing properly for the new school year is important. That doesn’t mean stocking up on school supplies—although they can help students feel excited about returning to the classroom. It means putting aside some time during the early days of the new school year (or even before school starts) to review challenges from past years and make a plan to deal with those issues right off the bat.

By knowing what potential challenges they might be facing in the coming year, students are better equipped to avoid repeating the same issues.

Being prepared: it’s best way to start the school year off right.

Happy Learning!