STAT Test Preparation Workshop

If you are after a fulfilling future or a better job, then getting into a university program is the first major step you need to take. 

However, you are seeing a huge gap since you finished your high-school years ago and you know now you must achieve a high STAT score in order to get into your dreamed university; You also aspire to pass the STAT test without too much hassle, spending as little time learning as possible, and getting prepared faster than anyone else…Then you have come to the right place! 

At Aussin Coaching and Tutoring Academy, we deeply understand that you’re going to take the most important leap in your life … and no matter how competent you are, you’ll need all the help you can get. You can rest assured that we will empower you with a competitive edge over the other candidates … even if years have passed since you took your last exam!

Do not worry! We have a deep understanding of the problems you are facing. We also know that you have to compete with other applicants for a limited number of vacancies so that you may feel a little bit overwhelmed by the STAT test itself. We also understand that it could be challenging for you, who works on a full time job, have to spend your spare time preparing for the test.

That is why we'd like to help you pass the STAT test with ease, get a higher score with less effort! We help you achieve this objective through our unique STAT Test Preparation Workshop which will help you get ready for this test. It’s not a magic bullet, but if you’re going through the STAT for the first or second time, then this will decrease your learning curve dramatically.

Our unique STAT Test Preparation Workshop was designed with only one goal in mind – to make your STAT preparation as easy and fast as possible by laser focused on what and how you need to learn for the STAT, no more and no less!

Like many other people, you might think it's not worth spending time preparing for STAT test. However, the cold truth is that in case you failed once, you need to wait till next year to take it again. That’s wasted time, money, and opportunities, as you’ll have to wait one more year to follow your long-waited dreams, a price that you probably would not be able to afford again!

In STAT test, you’ll get hard questions you don’t expect or you’ll feel that you’re running out of time. This is especially true when you haven’t done any exam for a few years. Don't panic! Now with the help of our STAT Test Preparation Workshop, you are going to master the followings: 

- How to learn only the essentials to pass your STAT test and avoid wasting your time on trivial things not required.
- How to ace the written essay.
How to be 100% prepared for your exam day.
- How to be prepared for the trick questions in the written exam without mechanically memorising answers, like many people do.
- How to pass the STAT test without investing too much time.
- How to turbo-charge your results.
- What biggest mistakes you should avoid while taking the STAT.
- What secret weapon, which is so obvious but is ignored by almost everybody, will increase your score dramatically.
- How to get extra minutes of exam time, without breaking the rule!
- How to set an effective and personalised STAT goal so that you can avoid either under-learning or over-learning.
- How to structure your time and environment so you can double or even triple the efficiency of your studies.
- What stress-management strategies you should apply before and during the exam. 
How to think critically and approach a STAT problem from all points of view.
- How to supercharge your competencies without investing too much time or energy by being laser focused on exactly what you need.
- How you can practice the exam at home and get your wanted results on the big day.

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So if you really want to ace the STAT exam with as little effort as possible while getting a higher score than you anticipated, then our STAT Test Preparation Workshop is exactly what you’re looking for. 

Through participation in this workshop, you’ll not only discover how to be laser focused on your exam requirements, but also how to combat stress and emotional overloads, as well as how to set your environment for success and how to maximize your chances of success even when with little time invested.

1-on-1 Private Tutoring STAT Test Preparation Workshop

Determined to get to Uni?

Our STAT preparation workshop is delivered by an expert in STAT exams and will provide students with a thorough overview of the test. The workshop may assist you to develop your confidence in sitting the test and provide exam strategies that can help maximise your results.

  • For students residing in the region of Perth WA, our 1-on-1 workshops will be delivered at Student's Home or in a nearby Public Library.
  • For students residing in other locations, our 1-on-1 workshops will be delivered online through Skype.
  • Students will be tutored by the Principal Tutor Adam Yu, Master of Science, Master of Engineering, 20+ years Tutoring Experience.
  • The workshop consists of a few 1.5-hour sessions, with the topic of each session mapped to one of the following two sections which are required in student's STAT Test: Written English, Multiple Choice (Verbal and/or Quantitative). Each section can be covered with at least 1 session and up to 3 sessions, upon the agreement between the student and the tutor. 
  • Each session is 1.5 hours (90 minutes) long and can be flexibly scheduled on different days upon the agreement between the student and the tutor. This allows sufficient time not only for digestion of tips and explanations taught in the previous session but also for timely reinforcement of new strategies applied to the practice questions between sessions.
  • Each 1-on-1 session (1.5 hour long) costs $85 for In-Home face-to-face workshops (for students residing in the region of Perth WA) and $70 for workshops delivered online via Skype (for students residing in other locations). 
  • Prices are subject to change. 
  • Depending on traveling distance, various transportation fee may apply.
  • No sign-up fee.
  • No lock-in contract. 
  • Discontinue anytime and no question asked.
  • Session is billed at 100% if cancellation request is received within 24 hours or less before the scheduled session starts. 

Attend Our Written English Workshop Sessions to Discover:
- Time management techniques specific to STAT Written English
Thought and content - How to generate ideas and develop arguments
Structure and organisation - How to plan your responses to get your essay flow smoothly
Expression, style and mechanics - How to use language effectively
How to perform under STAT conditions
How to avoid the most common errors
We will cover every aspect of the STAT and includes a full-length practice test - a great way to implement and practice what has been covered. 

Attend Our Multiple Choice (Verbal and/or Quantitative) Workshop Sessions to Discover:
The best learning and performance mindset for STAT success
STAT exam logic and how to recognise 'hints' within questions
STAT-specific time techniques, such as the 10-min cue
Problem-solving strategies designed for the STAT Quantitative questions
Reasoning strategies designed for the STAT Verbal questions
How to perform under STAT conditions
How to avoid the most common errors
We will cover every aspect of the STAT Multiple Choice and includes a short practice test - a great way to implement and practice what has been covered. You'll leave with a valuable collection of resources, sample questions with answers, including detailed explanations to help you continue your preparation.

What Our Students Say
- "Excellent instructor who helped me digest questions from different angles and instilled my confidence."
- "Invaluable and fantastic workshop! The explanation was very clear and comprehensive about how to work through different problems."
- "This really helped me learn and make improvements, especially in the way of approaching different questions."
- "Valuable preparation workshop that has dramatically boosted up my confidence. No more panic! "
- "The workshop is a wonderful help and I am excited about my results achieved!"
- "Very useful tactics and strategies that are clear, simple, engaging and easy to follow. I have learned a lot!" 

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About Your Tutor

Adam Yu 

Principal Tutor, STAT Test Preparation

Master of Science, Master of Engineering, 20+ years Tutoring Experience

Principal tutor for GATE test preparation

Adam Yu loves nothing more than to see a student realise that they are able to do their work… and even enjoy it!  He loves tutoring because it gives him a chance to use the skills he has to help children meet their own goals, and to get excited about their options for life after school.

Adam holds a Master’s degree in Engineering (Singapore) and another Master's degree in Science (USA). He had worked extensively with top teaching and training organisations worldwide in the USA, China, Singapore and Australia for more than 20 years.

Adam worked as Senior Business Analyst for City of Wanneroo and Project Management Professional (PMP) before he started Aussin Coaching and Tutoring Academy, a business fully supported by his family including his daughter Debbie who is the top award winner at her school. Adam helps tutoring students across all subjects at all levels.


1-on-1 tutoring classes are delivered at student's home
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