Yr 10 Entry - QA - QASMT - Queensland Academies Entrance Test Online Practice Pack (960 questions)

Yr 10 Entry - QA - QASMT - Queensland Academies Entrance Test Online Practice Pack (4 sets, 960 questions) 
This package consists of 960 high-quality never-seen-before questions, to assist students from Queensland to prepare for the Year 10 Entrance Test of Queensland Academies.
$88 + GST
- 960 high-quality never-seen-before questions
- 30% discount off $126, save $38! 
Secure online access for 12 months
- FREE online tuition bonus included 

Buy Package Yr 10 Entry - QLD - Queensland Academies Entrance Test Practice Pack (ACER Style, 4 sets, 960+ questions)

- This package consists of 960 high-quality never-seen-before questions.

- Mathematical Reasoning (60 questions x 8)

- Abstract Reasoning (60 questions x 4)

- Reading Comprehension (60 questions x 4)

- Secure online access valid for 365 days gives your child plenty of time to refine their skills.

- Challenging questions to help your child to get familiar with the types of questions asked, level of difficulty, speed at which to work with a variety of different questions.

- Detailed diagnostic reports to help you and your child to instantly identify which components of the exam they are struggling with and which specific areas they should be devoting their precious study time.

- Proven to be a great way to assist your child with time management during the exam.

- Get instantly notified about the exam result achieved by your child and access the performance report to ensure your child is making good progress.

- Your purchased questions are mobile-friendly and are designed to work across all types of browsers on any type of device - Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad or Android.

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