South Australia Selective High School Scholarship Entrance Exam Practice Package

This package consists of 4 sets online practice exams, 1200 questions, to assist students to prepare scholarship entrance examination held by top high schools in South Australia
  • Four(4) sets of online practice exams, 1200 questions.
    • 4 x Verbal Reasoning tests (60 questions x 4)
    • 4 x Mathematical Reasoning (a.k.a Numerical Reasoning) tests (60 questions x 4)
    • 4 x Abstract Reasoning tests (60 questions x 4)
    • 4 x Mathematics tests (60 questions x 4)
    • 4 x Reading Comprehension tests (60 questions x 4)
  • Secure online access valid for 1 full year gives your child plenty of time to refine their skills.
  • Challenging questions to help your child to get familiar with the types of questions asked, level of difficulty, speed at which to work with a variety of different questions.
  • Detailed diagnostic reports to help you and your child to instantly identify which components of the exam they are struggling with and which specific areas they should be devoting their precious study time.
  • Proven to be a great way to assist your child with time management during the exam.
  • View scores achieved for all practice tests undertaken by your child to ensure they are on a good track.
  • Your purchased questions are mobile-friendly and are designed to work across all types of browsers on any type of device - Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad or Android.
  • Click here for a Sample Exam Diagnostic Analysis Report 
  • Click here for Sample Questions with Answers
  • Take a Free Diagnostic Assessment for Selective School Test
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