Yr 7 Entry - WA - GATE/ASET Test Practice Pack (ACER Style, 4 sets, 720+ questions)

Yr 7 Entry - WA - GATE Test Practice (ACER Style, 4 sets, 720+ questions)
This package of 4 sets full length practice exams, 720+ questions, were written by our experienced and qualified teachers to assist students from Western Australia to prepare for GATE Test in order to gain entry at Year 7 into selective schools including Perth Modern School, Shenton College, etc.

Fully worked answers are included. 

AUD 136  AUD 95 (30% discount, one-off fee for 12 month online access)

Buy Package Yr 7 Entry - WA - GATE/ASET Test Practice Pack (ACER Style, 4 sets, 720+ questions)

  • Four(4) sets of full length GATE/ASET practice exams for plenty of student practice.
  • Comprises 20 tests (full list below) and over 720 never seen before questions.
    • 4 x full length Mathematical Reasoning tests
    • 4 x full length Abstract Reasoning tests
    • 4 x full length Reading Comprehension tests
    • 8 x Writing Prompts (4 Creative, 4 Persuasive)
  • Written by our experienced and qualified teachers to ensure full compliance with ACER (Australian Council for Educational Research) standard.
  • Fast and secure online access for 1 full year and multiple test retakes give your child plenty of time to practice and refine their skills.
  • Very detailed and challenging questions to help your child to get familiar with the types of questions asked, level of difficulty, speed at which to work with a huge variety of questions they may have never attempted before.
  • Fully worked solutions to provide further guidance to your child on how to solve all the tricky questions presented in the exam paper.
  • Powerful and detailed diagnostic reports to help you and your child to instantly identify which components of the exam they are struggling with and which specific areas they should be devoting their precious study time.
  • Proven to be a great way to simulate a full exam multiple times to assist your child with time management during the exam.
  • View scores achieved for all practice tests undertaken by your child to ensure they are on a good track.
  • Online access so your child can get practice anywhere, anytime!
  • Your purchased questions are mobile-friendly and are designed to work across all types of browsers on any type of device - Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad or Android.
  • Click here for a Sample Exam Diagnostic Analysis Report 
  • Click here for a Sample Question Paper with fully worked solutions
  • Take a Free Diagnostic Assessment for Selective School Test

Item details - Selective Entry High Schools Entrance Test Practice Pack

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