Selective School Test and Scholarship Exam Formats

ACER and EduTest are two of Australia’s most prominent selective entry and scholarship testing bodies in Australia.  

(1) ACER (Australian Council for Educational Research)

ACER is one of the largest test paper preparers and their style is very much on ‘thinking’ skills.  Their questions are worded in a way that students have to think about / formulate the question and then solve it.  They’re very big on patterns and there’s often a ‘missing’ component that students need to figure out before they can solve the question.  

Usually the format of ACER tests is:
  • Written expression (Persuasive Style)– 25 minutes
  • Reading Comprehension - 40 minutes
  • Mathematics - 40 minutes
  • Written expression (Creative Style)– 25 minutes
Victoria Scholarship Tests in ACER Format

(2) Edutest

EduTest is a long running test paper provider and compared to ACER, EduTest has more ‘straightforward tests’ that require less problem solving and the wording of their questions is simpler to follow. 

Usually the format of EduTest tests is:
  • Verbal Reasoning - 30 minutes
  • Numerical Reasoning - 30 minutes
  • Written expression (Persuasive  Style)– 15 minutes
  • Reading Comprehension - 30 minutes
  • Mathematics - 30 minutes
  • Written expression (Creative Style)– 15 minutes