100 Maths Questions That Students Get Wrong In Gifted Tests

100 Maths Questions That Students Get Wrong in Gifted Test

This package consists of 100 Challenging Multiple-Choice Maths questions, hand-picked from our sample GATE/ASET and selective school exams, which students are found to get wrong most frequently.

$55 + GST
- 100 high-quality never-seen-before questions
- 30% discount off $79, save $24! 
Secure online access for 12 months

Buy Package Yr 7 Entry - WA - GATE/ASET Test Practice Pack (ACER Style, 4 sets, 720+ questions)

100 Challenging Multiple-Choice Maths questions.

- Get a quick offline glimpse of Sample Questions (.pdf ) including Answer Keys (.pdf ) and Detailed Explanations (.pdf ). 

- Problem Solving (3)
- Algebra and Function (12)
- Combinations (14)
- 2D, 3D Objects and Nets (8)
- Symmetry and Transformations (3)
- Angle, Position and Maps (13)
- Number Patterns (2)
- Length, Mass and Calendar (6)
- Money (4)
- Speed, Time, Distance and Rates (13)
- Perimeter, Area and Volume (7)
- Fraction, Decimal and Percentage (7)
- Numbers and Operations (8)

- Secure online access valid for 1 full year gives your child plenty of time to refine their skills.

- Challenging questions to help your child to get familiar with the types of questions asked, level of difficulty, speed at which to work with a variety of different questions.

- Detailed diagnostic reports to help you and your child to instantly identify which components of the exam they are struggling with and which specific areas they should be devoting their precious study time.
Proven to be a great way to assist your child with time management during the exam.

- Get instantly notified about the exam result achieved by your child and access the performance report to ensure your child is making good progress.

- Your purchased questions are mobile-friendly and are designed to work across all types of browsers on any type of device 

- Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad or Android.

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 Daniela Ciutina, Mother of Stefan Ciutina (High Wycombe)

AAME students showed excellent performance in GATE test

"Hi, Adam! Good news... Soham got good score and received offer from Perth Modern School for year 7 entry, and my another son Aaditya got offer from Shenton College for year 9 entry. Thanks for guiding and teaching both of them!"

Shital, Mother of Soham and Aaditya Shah (Aveley)

AAME students showed excellent performance in GATE test

"Hi, Adam. Just want to share the good news with you... Ansel's got offer of placement in Willetton Senior High School! We want to thank you for all your effort in helping Ansel! Thank you so much."

Resmi, Mother of Ansel Santhosh (Kelmscott) 

AAME students showed excellent performance in GATE test
"Hi Adam, just let you know that my son Om has got an offer from Melville Senior High School which is one of our preferences. So yeah... he is happy and many thanks to you!" 

Gaurav Sharma, Father of Om Sharma (Ferndale)

AAME students showed excellent performance in GATE test

Congratulations to Georgia Deepu (Canning Vale) for her excellent performance and getting a place in Fremantle College!

Congratulations to Stania Punnoose (Success) for her excellent performance and getting a place in Rossmoyne Senior High School!

Congratulations to Helena Poulose (Canning Vale) for her excellent performance and getting a place in Willetton Senior High School!

Congratulations to Sinon Shine (Piara Waters) for his excellent performance and getting a place in Fremantle College!

Congratulations to Eileen Sunil (Beckenham) for her excellent performance and getting a place in Kelmscott Senior High School!

AAME students showed excellent performance in GATE test

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