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Stefan Ciutina excelled in GATE test and gained entry in Perth Modern School
“We are very happy with the entire service provided by AAME. The fact that our son (Stefan) was able to take in so much to prepare for GATE test from subject matter, examination tips and practice exams. He was successful in his aim to gain entry into 
Perth Modern School and now has the best opportunity to achieve his goals in life. We believe it was his time with AAME which made the difference and we are very grateful for all they did for Stefan.  
– Daniela Ciutina, Mother

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We have been offering GetAce Selective School Test Preparation service to help students across Australia manage the challenging process of preparing for Selective School Test & Scholarship Exam. Our core programs have been implemented by experienced educators who have taken great care to ensure that our materials are of the highest quality and, most importantly, geared towards improving your child’s exam results.

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Our services include Practice Questions for Selective School Test and Scholarship Exam, Selective School Test & Scholarship Exam Preparation Workshops, and Personalised 1-on-1 Maths and English Tutoring Courses. 

Selective School Test & Scholarship Exam Practice

Our range of Selective School Test and Scholarship Exam Practice questions are written in either ACER format or EduTest format (What is the difference?). Parents will need to determine which exam format (ACER or EduTest) your child's desired school has been using and make arrangements with the school for your child to sit for that particular exam. Normally such information can be easily obtained by contacting the school. 

Queensland Selective School Test
1-on-1 tutoring classes are delivered at student's home

All our 1-ON-1 tutoring classes are delivered at student's home

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