Selection Criteria Response eBook

Selection Criteria Response eBook

"The Big Book of Selection Criteria Answers" is an ebook consist of 180+ example selection criteria responses to help school-leavers (senior high school and university) to find a job in the government, Australian Defence Force, cadetships, scholarships, work experience and graduate programs or a position on a government board. 

How Can You Benefit By Using this eBook

180+ Example Selection Criteria Response templates that are ready to go, all that's required is to customise the sample response in each well-structured individual MS Word document (available to download along with the ebook) in order to suit for your own job applications. This process is much quicker than typing a selection criteria response from scratch as the layout is all done for you with ready-to-go templates.

This ebook is structured around the popular STAR (Situation, Task, Action and Result) method that provides you with a crystal clear view of what to do and how to effectively showcase your skills and experience. Additionally, I have also included a detailed guideline in the appendix which provides you with great insights and tips for applying jobs with Australian Public Service (APS), so that you feel absolutely confident and satisfied with an application that will effortlessly showcase you as a winning job applicant.

 Included are 180+ example selection criteria responses and step by step tools to help you with addressing selection criteria.  I've also included sample selection criteria from a variety of roles too. 

 You can create a complete selection criteria response in a fraction of the time it normally would take whether you are new to the process or have years of experience.

 By following a simple type and click process, you can easily create an application that clearly showcases your strengths, skills and experience.
 You will be able to cut through the competition and be confident that the interview panel members will quickly recognise you as a competent applicant that will be added to the interview list. 

 Quickly outline in clear and compelling language your experience including practical examples which save yourself hours of unnecessary pain and frustration.  

 Gives you an edge through tips and strategies regarding how to build a relationship with the panel well before the interview.
 You won’t find anything close to this resource anywhere  – it’s completely unique and is the result of over two years of painstaking research, design and development.

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