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At Aussin Coaching and Tutoring Services, our tutors are well rounded, passionate, approachable, high achieving individuals who have distinguished academic performance, leadership excellence and communication skills.

Our tutors are top academic excellence scholars, degree qualified postgraduates, practicing teachers or industry professionals who are highly educated in the fields of Maths, English, Science and Engineering. A large majority of our tutors have obtained academic excellence awards or have undertaken extensive university studies. 

Most of our tutors are top 2% ATAR performers, withhold multiple university scholarships or industry workplace positions. On average they have more than 3 to 10 years tutoring experience and they are the most trusted, knowledgeable, result driven and approachable tutors in Australia. All Aussin tutors are personally evaluated and professionally screened with working with children checks.

Our Tutors ...

deliver results and achieve goals.
are punctual and skilled.
build strong relationships with our students.
understand the aspirations and needs of our students.
are supportive and caring mentors.
are long term partners, at your service.
are backed by professional company standards.

Principal Tutor - Adam Yu 
Master of Science, Master of Engineering, 20+ years Tutoring Experience

Tutor's Profile - Adam Yu

Adam Yu loves nothing more than to see a student realise that they are able to do their work…and even enjoy it! He loves tutoring because it gives him a chance to use the skills he has to help children meet their own goals, and to get excited about their options for life after school.

Adam holds a Master’s degree in Engineering (Singapore) and another Master's degree in Science (USA). He had worked extensively with top teaching and training organisations worldwide in the USA, China, Singapore and Australia for more than 20 years.

Adam worked for City of Wanneroo in Perth WA as Business Analyst before he started Aussin Coaching and Tutoring Services, a business fully supported by his family including his daughter Debbie who is the top award winner at her school.

Shan Li
Leading Tutor

Tutor's Profile - Shan Li

Shan received her education from University of Western Australia and Rossmoyne Senior High School in Perth WA. She majored in Accounting and Economics and she also has an assured postgraduate Juris Doctor position obtained through excellent Year 11/12 WACE results.

Before she joined Aussin Coaching and Tutoring Services, Shan had tutored both groups and individual students at Kumon. She enjoys interacting with children and seeing them succeed due to her own efforts and therefore find tutoring to be a highly rewarding experience. She is comfortable tutoring mathematics up to the high school 3C/3D level, lower school English and Science and all primary school level subjects.

Shan is a friendly and supportive person who gets excellent results by making lessons fun as well as informative. She wants students to have fun while they study and she is always proud of their progress. She always discusses the needs of her new students very carefully and aims to build their confidence in the subject.

Being a qualified tutor, Shan can help tutoring Maths and English subjects at all levels (Primary, Secondary and Senior High School).

Jodie Ng 
Leading Tutor
Tutor's Profile - Jodie Ng

Jodie received her education from Murdoch University and Churchlands Senior High School in Perth WA. She has also completed a double degree in Journalism, Politics and International Relations at Curtin University.

Jodie is an experienced piano teacher, gaining valuable experience working with children from all ages. She has been actively involved in volunteering in aid and development with youth and the community for the last nine years. She has been a member of the Youth Support Team with World Vision Australia, recently returning from a two-week trip to Nepal visiting developing communities and schools.

Jodie has assisted in running educational simulations in schools and churches, in regards to poverty and global issues. Jodie was The Oaktree Foundation's Generate Program Coordinator where she helped run a program from a group of selected high school students on specific skills and issues including corruption, trade, maternal health, foreign aid, time management and effective fundraising. She is an experienced group facilitator, most recently facilitating training for a group of 60 young people on the Make Poverty History 2014 Roadtrip to Canberra.

Jodie is punctual, organised, professional, and has great teamwork skills developed through volunteering and participation in extra-curricular activities in dance groups and musical ensembles.

Being a qualified tutor, Jodie can help tutoring Maths and English subjects at all levels (Primary, Secondary and Senior High School). 

Hema Cherupalli
Leading Tutor

Tutor's Profile - Hema Cherupalli

Hema received her education from Curtin University and Kelmscott Senior High School in Perth WA. She majored in Computer Systems Engineering and Computer Science double degree. Hema joined Aussin Coaching and Tutoring Services last year with a rich set of tutoring experience including one-on-one reading sessions with three of the year 4 students at Victoria Park Primary School where she helped students to improve their reading skills by asking them to read a book of their choice & giving them feedback.

She was engaged in homework help program held at Curtin University to primary and secondary school students, as well as the one-on-one academic help for Somalian background students. At these tutoring jobs, Hema helped students to deal with their daily homework questions in Mathematics by clarifying questions and giving them good practice by providing suitable examples.

Hema really enjoys seeing how children progress when they are given that little extra time and patience. Every student has a slightly different way of learning and conceptualising and she loves the challenge of adapting her tutoring style to bring school into their world. Her approach is always to give students the confidence they need to not only to succeed in school, but also to have them leave with a whole range of skills to draw on beyond the classroom.

Being a qualified tutor, Hema can help tutoring Maths and English subjects at all levels (Primary, Secondary and Senior High School).

Kieran Hunter 
Leading Tutor

Tutor's Profile - Kieran Hunter

Kieran received his education from Curtin University and Trinity College in Perth WA where he won Academic Achievement Award in year 11 and Accounting & Finance Award in year 10.

He is considered to have a caring approach and he tries to make sure that learning takes place in a relaxed situation.

To Kieran, tutoring is about fostering the enjoyment of learning, not coaching to exams. He believes that through building confidence and enthusiasm, children have the best chance at success.

Kieran's friendly and caring approach means that he is able to build rapport and trust between him and the student. Kieran loves working with students, and they really like the way he can tackle a complex equation and break it down into easy steps. He brings a sense of fun to his sessions, and always has a creative way to help students learn difficult concepts.

Being a qualified tutor, Kieran can help tutoring Maths and English subjects at all levels (Primary, Secondary and Senior High School).

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