What are the top winning strategies to succeed in the Western Australia GATE/ASET exam?

posted Apr 4, 2020, 8:14 PM by Adam Yu   [ updated Apr 4, 2020, 8:14 PM ]
Here are top 6 winning strategies which your child get to learn and master in order to succeed in Western Australia GATE/ASET Exam.

1. Practice! Practice! Practice! 

Practice is everything! Understanding the layout of the exam, the style of questions and the best way to approach questions is crucial to success. It is strongly recommended to start taking practice questions at least 6–8 months before the BIG DAY. When there are only a few weeks away from the test, practice as much as possible. Get this done before it is getting too late! Bear in mind your neighbour's child might have been seeing a tutor more than two years ahead of time.

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2. Wear a "Problem Solver" Hat

A key and fundamental strategy in answering GATE/ASET exam questions is to know the best answer by using your problem solving skills. When the question does not seem to have an obvious choice, use your deduction skills to choose the best option which makes most sense.

Use the process of elimination to cross off an option which you know for sure it isn't the answer. Out of what is left, which one makes the most sense? If you spend time working on a problem and eliminate two answers, it should become much easier to make an educated guess over the rest.

3. Manage Your Time

Time allowed in each section is tough! So watch the clock and ensure you are ahead of it.

NEVER LEAVE ANY QUESTION UNANSWERED. GATE/ASET exam does not punish you for getting questions wrong, even through guessing. Therefore if you find yourself in a situation of running out of time before you get to the end of each section, don't panic, just quickly fill those little circles in - you have a 25% chance of each one being right - which is far better than a 0% chance if you don't answer them at all.

4. You've Got To Move On!

In Quantative Reasoning section, you have 35 questions to answer within 30 minutes which means you only get slightly more than 50 seconds to spend per question. Coming to Abstract Reasoning part, this number is further reduced to 35 seconds per question. This is hard to cope with!

Bear in mind each question is weighted equally - you won't earn extra marks from answering more challenging question by spending minutes to solve than you would for the easier one that just took 10 seconds. If you are stuck on one, just make a best guess (never leave questions unanswered!), mark the question with a special sign, move on and come back to it if you have spare time.

5. Track the Questions Answered

After every few questions, stop and check to make sure the question number on the answer sheet corresponds with the question being answered in the question booklet. There is nothing worse than discovering you have missed a question and all your answers are out of sync!

6. Practice Makes Perfect!

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