Time Management Strategy to Succeed in GATE/ASET Test

posted Apr 4, 2020, 8:19 PM by Adam Yu   [ updated Apr 4, 2020, 8:19 PM ]
Western Australia GATE/ASET Test is a timed exam, and most common reasons students fail in GATE test is running out of time. GATE test checks students' ability to process a significant amount of information within a short period of time. Students might come across questions which they have never seen before, and they will be examined on how to use different concepts collectively, filter unnecessary information to comprehend the relevant data and attention to detail in solving a complex interrelated problem. Students lacking time management strategy and skills will perform poorly due to time pressure and loss of concentration. 

Since all questions in the GATE test are of same credits so there is no reason to give up on easier questions just by spending more time on more difficult ones. A lot of students panic when they can't find their answer in the given options. In such cases it is wise to mark the question, choose a best guessed answer and then come back later to check if time permitted. It is strongly recommended that students develop their own time management strategies in order to improve score.

Issue - Students tend to spend more time on one single question, which will only make them feel more anxious,  lose their confidence and negatively influence their thought process. Since there is less time left to attempt coming questions, students are forced to rush and make careless mistakes. 

Strategy - if any question can't be solved within reasonably amount of time, students can eliminate those highly unlikely answers and make a best guess over the left-overs. Mark the question to come back if time is available at the end.