Six Most Effective GATE/ASET Tips and Tricks That You Must Use

posted Apr 4, 2020, 8:37 PM by Adam Yu   [ updated Apr 4, 2020, 8:37 PM ]

Studying for GATE/ASET is a big undertaking, and you might not know where to start. A good way to get yourself into gear is to learn about the structure of the test and different ways you can adapt your strategy to improve on each section. In this article, you will be provided with some most effective tips and tricks that you should be using to get your best scores ever. 

Tip 1: Eliminate 3 Wrong Answers

The most important rule to remember that there is only one correct answer for each question, and you should be able to eliminate all the others. This means that your number one strategy on the test is process of elimination. If you're struggling with a question, try to find reasons to rule out most of the answers rather than reasons why certain options could work.

Learn to be extremely picky about which answers to eliminate.  If a question seems subjective, keep reminding yourself that it is an illusion. All incorrect choices are incorrect for good reasons, and it is your job to find those reasons until you narrow your answers down to one possibility.

Tip 2: Always Understand Your Mistakes

This is vital if you want to see dramatic improvements. If you take the time to understand each mistake you make on practice questions, why you made it, and what you will do to avoid it in the future, you are virtually guaranteed a good score on the test.

Mistakes usually fall into one of four categories:

#1: Content weakness
#2: Time pressure
#3: Question comprehension issue
#4: Careless error

After you finish a practice test, catalog all the questions you answer incorrectly so you can work on detecting error patterns. Did you consistently answer a particular type of math question wrong (content weakness)? Did you keep missing the words except or least (careless error) in questions? Did you consistently miss questions at the end of sections (time pressure)?

Whatever your issues, you have to understand them completely so you can fix the problems you are having and see positive changes in your scores!

Tip 3: (Maths) Focus on Filling Content Gaps First

If you have problems with basic math skills, it does not matter how many practice questions you do?ayou are going to have to fix those knowlege gaps before you can improve your Math score.

If you notice you are missing practice questions because you are uncomfortable in a certain content area, work on your content weaknesses before you do anything else. This is the fastest way to improve your scores dramatically. You can go from here to fix other types of mistakes that are more surface-level (such as reading questions wrong or basic carelessness).

Tip 4: (Maths) Re-Solve Questions You Missed Before Looking at the Answer Explanations

This is the best way to make sure you truly understand how to solve questions you initially messed up on the Maths section. It is one thing to read the answer explanation and say 'oh, of course, that is how you solve it,' but it is a completely  different matter to work out the problem yourself.

The process will stick in your mind much better if you go through it, rather than if you just read about it. Look at what the correct answer choice should be and try to get there yourself before you read the explanation.

Tip 5: (Maths) Underline Key Parts of the Question

You should use this tip on the math section if you've been missing questions by accidentally solving for the wrong value. Underline what you need to find in the question so you do not get confused during the calculation process.

Sometimes questions ask you to solve for a value that necessitates solving for something else along the way. That something else will often be one of the incorrect answer choices. Many students accidentally pick the trick answer choice because they lose track of the value that they were originally supposed to find. You can avoid this by underlining relevant parts of the question to maintain your focus.


We say this in pretty much all of our GATE/ASET test advice posts, but the reason we repeat it so frequently is because the GATE/ASET test is one of those tests where the best preparation is the test itself. Second to that, practice tests are the most fool-proof preparation there is for a test that measures almost as much test-taking strategy as it does content and skill.

Start by taking practice tests, one section at a time. Identify your weaknesses and work to improve in those areas. Gradually, as your skills grow, begin to take each section of the test with time constraints. And finally, take a few complete practice tests under testing conditions as similar to test day as possible.