Make GATE/ASET Test Prep Your Summer Focus

posted Apr 4, 2020, 8:30 PM by Adam Yu   [ updated Apr 4, 2020, 8:31 PM ]
To many students, summer is a break from the normal frenzy of academia. After the juggling of school work, test prep, extracurricular activities, and social events, you may feel as though you have earned a break. And you are probably right, but that does not mean you will spend your summer kicking up your feet at the beach. 

Whether you spend your summer working, taking summer classes, or attending a summer program, odds are that your summer schedule varies dramatically from the one you keep during the school year. To many students, this means that test prep can take a back seat in favor of more relaxing or exciting activities. In this post, we outline how to integrate GATE/ASET prep with your summer plans so that you are ready to hit the ground running when GATE/ASET test is just a few weeks away.

1. Make a Plan

You are more likely to study when you have committed yourself to a specific plan in advance. When summer break starts, take the time to sit down with a calendar and outline your study plan.

First of all, know your weakness, while your school academic report will indicate which subjects are most in need of improvement, they will not reveal the specific kinds of error to which you are most susceptible. The easiest way to reveal this is by taking a practice GATE/ASET test and evaluating its results carefully.

Now start with the big picture. You have roughly 7 weeks in your summer break. If you are aiming for 30 hours of study time per month, that comes down to roughly four or five hours per week. Break it down even further. Do you want weekends off? If so, that will be about one hour per day during the week. If you want to take the weekdays off and double-up your study time on the weekends, that is about two hours per day on Saturdays and Sundays.

This might sound like a lot but there are plenty of ways to integrate studying into your daily life, making it easier and more efficient.

2. Use Time Saving Hacks to Maximize Study Time

Think of all your down time during an average day. There is time spent waiting in check out lines, offices, or before meals. Time spent on a lunch break or waiting to fall to sleep. Keep some simple study materials on hand to maximize all these gaps.

Get a vocabulary app to help build your vocabulary, play math games or other test prep apps on your phone or computer. Get access to online practice questions so that you have them on hand at any moment. When you will fill you empty time with strategic study strikes, you maximize your study total over the long term.

3. Make It Fun!

It is summer. You probably do not want to get weighed down in formal test prep classes day in and day out. And even if you do, studying is probably the last thing you want to do when class lets out. Luckily there are plenty of low key ways to bolster your knowledge for the test.

Read high quality literature. Read journal articles in publications. Keep up on current events. Try to read a broad variety of material to prepare for the types of excerpts commonly included on the GATE/ASET Reading section.

Also get into puzzles. Math puzzles like sudoku or word puzzles like crosswords are fun ways to stretch your mind. Bring scrabble, a dictionary, and a blanket to the park with friends. Studying does not have to be all business; this is summer after all!

4. Learn Key Strategies

There are a few key strategies for preparing GATE/ASET test. Some of them are best suited for students challenged by time management, others are best suited for students who struggle with content knowledge, and still others are for students who have trouble applying their knowledge in new ways.

It is difficult to recommend specific strategies to every student. Instead, we recommend that you review our comprehensive collection of test strategies, identify which help you to perform the best, and focus on applying them further.

We have outlined some key strategies and we encourage you to spend some time this summer becoming familiar with each and learning which work the best for you.


We say this in pretty much all of our GATE/ASET test advice posts, but the reason we repeat it so frequently is because the GATE/ASET test is one of those tests where the best preparation is the test itself. Second to that, practice tests are the most fool-proof preparation there is for a test that measures almost as much test-taking strategy as it does content and skill.

Start by taking practice tests, one section at a time. Identify your weaknesses and work to improve in those areas. Gradually, as your skills grow, begin to take each section of the test with time constraints. And finally, take a few complete practice tests under testing conditions as similar to test day as possible.