How to Score High Marks in GATE/ASET Test?

posted Apr 4, 2020, 8:21 PM by Adam Yu   [ updated Apr 4, 2020, 8:21 PM ]
Does your child score excellent marks in his/her classroom but score fewer marks in a competitve testing environment?

To be successful in any examination, students need the self-confidence to achieve target. a consistently focused study and successful strategies to succeed in an examination.

(1) Boost up self-confidence 

Students can boost up self-confidence by reminding themselves that they have studied and gained the knowledge related to all the concepts tested in the test. Questions they can ask themselves are "Am I performing excellently in my classroom?" or "Am I devoting sufficient time to testing my knowledge gained in the school?". Be positive and believe in the ability to achieve the target in the test.

(2) Develop concentration

Concentration can be developed by stopping mind wondering and stopping to think about the outcome of the effort spent. Always be optimistic and think about the positive result. Exercising, healthy diet and complete sleep of eight hours will make brain fresh and energetic. Find a peaceful place either the library or in a home away from TV, phone or computer games. Take a five minutes break after one hour of study.

(3) Prepare for the examination

Always study the essential topics first and try to understand the subject matter. Create a mind map of the problem. Do not hesitate to take help from parents, friends or teachers if there is no clear understanding the concept or topic. Analyse the exam pattern and practice some online papers.

During examinations carefully read and follow all the instruction given in the test paper. Do not overestimate and do not underestimate the exam paper, always remember that every candidate gets the same exam paper. If the exam paper is easy, then it is easy for everyone, and if it is difficult, then it is difficult for everyone. Do not spend too much time on one particular question. If confused and stuck in between then mark that question to come back if time permit and jump to another question.