How To Get Ready For the GATE/ASET Test?

posted Apr 4, 2020, 8:24 PM by Adam Yu   [ updated Apr 4, 2020, 8:25 PM ]
Many students do not realize that while the GATE/ASET Test is wholly unique, it is not unconquerable. Admittedly, it is not like your regular school test, but the same strategies that help in general academic subjects are easily transferable to the GATE/ASET Test. 

Here is what you should do: 

Eight months before

In an ideal world, you would have been studying for an hour each night, every night for a few months. Let us be honest, though: we are all busy, and a significant number of students do not have an extra hour to devote to studying for a test which is still a few months away. However, test-taking sites and preparation courses recommend getting a start on studying pretty far-out, and I would agree that that is a smart move.

Remember, the GATE/ASET Test will be composed of sections you already know and have been studying already. Each section must be completed in a timed setting. When you are thinking of a study strategy that work for you, that means looking at a particular subject in depth, or taking online practice tests.

Do you do best on tests by memorizing ideas? Feel free to do that with the GATE/ASET Test. Do you find success by utilizing already available, outside resources? There is a great wealth of test prep materials available on Aussin Education website! Your strategy is to familiarize yourself with the format of the GATE/ASET Test. Choose studying methods that already work for you and get a head start that is comfortable for you.

The night before

The night before the test is when you should give yourself a break from thinking about the test. Go to bed and get a healthy 9 to 10 hours of sleep; make sure the hour before you sleep is spent doing something relaxing like reading a book.

Do not spend the night before the test cramming. Having a strong and rested brain is infinitely more important than anything else you might shove into your head the night before. This is a hygienic skill you may already have practised for regular school tests, and it is just as helpful for the GATE/ASET Test as it is for daily life. 

The morning of the test

You wake up. Now what? Go through your normal routine, and make sure you get a full, healthy breakfast. The point is, give yourself some of those real, nutritious foods that will wake your brain up and keep it active during the test.

Pop, energy drinks, and sugary pastries are not such a good idea. They will wake you up, but they will give you a sugar crash halfway through the test?anot the ideal result. I would also recommend doing some reading as you wake up: get your mind working and prepared for the large amounts of thinking you will have to do later.

After the test

Relax! You just took the GATE/ASET Test, and if you have made healthy choices and did some preparation ahead of time, you likely did better than you expected. It is behind you now, so de-stress and calmly await your scores. Recognize that no matter what you get, the GATE/ASET Test is just one test and one small part of your life.

You will find that the GATE/ASET Test will not traumatize you, nor is it unconquerable.  All you have to do is transfer strategies that are already helpful for everyday life to the test. When you are healthy and prepared, it can even be fun to test your brain and try and crack the GATE/ASET Test.