4 Helpful Tips for Preparing GATE/ASET Test During School Holidays

posted Apr 4, 2020, 8:28 PM by Adam Yu   [ updated Apr 4, 2020, 8:28 PM ]

#1: Make a Study Plan

To keep up your motivation, make yourself a holiday study plan and stick to it. Plan out to the day and week how much time you will spend studying and how often you will be taking the GATE/ASET practice tests.

You can be flexible if you find you are progressing faster or slower than you expected, but try to stick to your study plan as much as possible. 

By planning ahead of time, you will also be able to do things like adjust for mandatory family vacations or other holiday activities.

Learn how much you need to improve, and review your mistakes with the GATE/ASET practice tests. You should also use the tips in this article about getting a satisfactory score on the GATE/ASET practice tests to keep up your motivation.

#2: Target Your Weak Areas

To keep your skills honed, you will need to regularly practice skills you struggle with. Before you start your holiday studying, take a full-length practice test, note what you had problems with, and plan your studying accordingly.

For instance, let us say you took a practice test and did fine on Math but struggled with the Reading section. When plan your studying, you will need to make sure that you are regularly drilling yourself on Reading passages and reading GATE/ASET practice materials. 

#3: Consider a Holiday GATE/ASET Test Prep Course

Think about doing a Holiday GATE/ASET Test Bootcamp course in this holiday to give you more structure in your studying.

It is no fun to have to give up part or all of your holiday for GATE/ASET test prep, but if you can get a great score on the BIG DAY in a few weeks time then you will be done with the test forever.

#4: Do not Burn Yourself Out

If you get to the end of the school year and you are brain-dead because of how hard you have been working, give yourself a break.

Immediately diving into GATE/ASET test prep when you no longer care about anything schoolwork related is a recipe for disaster. Instead, give yourself a set amount of time to relax and reboot. It would be better to spend a week or two at the beginning of the holiday building up your motivation than to force yourself straight into GATE/ASET test prep and see no score improvement.

Avoiding burning yourself out also means not creating a too ambitious holiday GATE/ASET test prep schedule. Do not expect that you can study for ten hours a day for months on end and continue to have high-quality studying time.

Know your own studying strengths and weaknesses and create a study plan that plays to your strengths and minimizes your weaknesses. For example, if you know you can only concentrate for about 45 minutes at a time, build in breaks to your study sessions so that you can concentrate absolutely for those 45 minutes, confident that you will have time to take a break once that sprint is over.