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How To Get Ready For the GATE/ASET Test?

posted Nov 5, 2018, 6:58 PM by Adam Yu   [ updated Nov 5, 2018, 6:59 PM ]

Many students do not realize that while the GATE/ASET Test is wholly unique, it is not unconquerable. Admittedly, it is not like your regular school test, but the same strategies that help in general academic subjects are easily transferable to the GATE/ASET Test. 

Here is what you should do:

Eight months before

In an ideal world, you would have been studying for an hour each night, every night for a few months. Let us be honest, though: we are all busy, and a significant number of students do not have an extra hour to devote to studying for a test which is still a few months away. However, test-taking sites and preparation courses recommend getting a start on studying pretty far-out, and I would agree that that is a smart move.

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Remember, the GATE/ASET Test will be composed of sections you already know and have been studying already. Each section must be completed in a timed setting. When you are thinking of a study strategy that work for you, that means looking at a particular subject in depth, or taking online practice tests.

Do you do best on tests by memorizing ideas? Feel free to do that with the GATE/ASET Test. Do you find success by utilizing already available, outside resources? There is a great wealth of test prep materials available on Aussin Education website! Your strategy is to familiarize yourself with the format of the GATE/ASET Test. Choose studying methods that already work for you and get a head start that is comfortable for you.

The night before

The night before the test is when you should give yourself a break from thinking about the test. Go to bed and get a healthy 9 to 10 hours of sleep; make sure the hour before you sleep is spent doing something relaxing like reading a book.

Do not spend the night before the test cramming. Having a strong and rested brain is infinitely more important than anything else you might shove into your head the night before. This is a hygienic skill you may already have practised for regular school tests, and it is just as helpful for the GATE/ASET Test as it is for daily life. 

The morning of the test

You wake up. Now what? Go through your normal routine, and make sure you get a full, healthy breakfast. The point is, give yourself some of those real, nutritious foods that will wake your brain up and keep it active during the test.

Pop, energy drinks, and sugary pastries are not such a good idea. They will wake you up, but they will give you a sugar crash halfway through the test?anot the ideal result. I would also recommend doing some reading as you wake up: get your mind working and prepared for the large amounts of thinking you will have to do later.

After the test

Relax! You just took the GATE/ASET Test, and if you have made healthy choices and did some preparation ahead of time, you likely did better than you expected. It is behind you now, so de-stress and calmly await your scores. Recognize that no matter what you get, the GATE/ASET Test is just one test and one small part of your life.

You will find that the GATE/ASET Test will not traumatize you, nor is it unconquerable.  All you have to do is transfer strategies that are already helpful for everyday life to the test. When you are healthy and prepared, it can even be fun to test your brain and try and crack the GATE/ASET Test. 

5 Great Ways to Prepare for the GATE/ASET Test

posted Oct 29, 2018, 11:15 PM by Adam Yu   [ updated Nov 5, 2018, 6:58 PM ]

GATE/ASET Test season is in full swing! Although studying for the GATE/ASET Test is considered a difficult and stressful tasks, with dedication and the right mindset, anything is possible. Here are some tips on how to really prepare for the GATE/ASET Test in order to get the best score possible.

1. Get motivated

Studying for the GATE/ASET Test correctly is all about having the right mindset. If you start your studying with a negative and lazy attitude, it will be difficult to get started and stay dedicated. By thinking of the GATE/ASET Test as a ticket to your dream school  (rather than just a big, scary test you are forced to take), you can motivate yourself to put in 100% of your time and effort into successfully preparing for the GATE/ASET Test.

2. Set a score goal and make a study schedule

Setting a score goal ties into getting motivated; if you have a specific score you’re looking to achieve, you can judge the time frame needed to prepare for this score. Researching different schools and their admission scores can help you set a score goal if you’re having trouble figuring out a realistic one.

As many students already know, the GATE/ASET Test is an extremely demanding thing to prepare for. You really need to show dedication and time management to reach your goals. Setting up a schedule that dictates what days and how many hours you will dedicate to studying can help you become more organized and achieve your goal score. The amount of time you dedicate to studying depends on your own preferences and how much time there is until your scheduled test date, but it is important to stay consistent with your studying. If you plan on studying for two hours after school and a couple more hours on the weekend, you should keep up with that schedule the entire time you prepare for the GATE/ASET Test. If you make studying into a habit, you will definitely see a score improvement!

3. Utilize test prep books, courses, or other resources  

Everyone has different study habits, skills, and strengths. In order to successfully prepare for the GATE/ASET Test, you must discover your strengths, weaknesses, and your preferred study methods and resources. There are many GATE/ASET Test prep resources available for studying, including the high-quality GATE/ASET Test Online Practice Packages from Aussin Education. These resources are very helpful for individual self-prep and practice tests. Another way to study is taking prep courses: there are online self-paced courses, private tutors, and many different prep classes taught at schools or private businesses. Your success depends on what kind of studier you are; some courses are more demanding and strict than others. In order to pick a course, do some research! Ask friends who have gotten high scores what they used to study or look online. There are many resources available concerning test prep, so find what works for you.

4. Learn test strategies

In order to prepare for the GATE/ASET Test, you must learn different strategies on how to approach questions during the test. There are four major sections on the GATE/ASET Test and each section has a certain style of asking questions and a time limit to answer those questions. To really succeed during the test, you need to learn the best strategies on managing time, eliminating answers, and guessing, as well as section-specific tips and tricks. The fact that you are tested on so much information may seem overwhelming, but you are in luck; prep courses and prep books, as well as the internet, offer many different strategies and tips that can help you practice and teach you how to answer questions on the GATE/ASET Test.

5. Practice, practice, practice

Like everything in life, prepping for the GATE/ASET Test is what you make of it. When it comes down to it, you and only you can dedicate the necessary time to studying and practicing. This may sound like your mom lecturing you, but by sticking to your study schedule and practicing enough, you will truly get what you put into it.

By following these rules, you can become more prepared for the process of studying for the GATE/ASET Test. With hard work and dedication, achieving a great score is possible! Good luck to everyone taking it in the near future. Remember: you got this!

How to Score High Marks in GATE/ASET Test?

posted Oct 18, 2018, 10:21 PM by Adam Yu   [ updated Oct 29, 2018, 11:17 PM ]

Does your child score excellent marks in his/her classroom but score fewer marks in a competitve testing environment?

To be successful in any examination, students need the self-confidence to achieve target. a consistently focused study and successful strategies to succeed in an examination.

(1) Boost up self-confidence

Students can boost up self-confidence by reminding themselves that they have studied and gained the knowledge related to all the concepts tested in the test. Questions they can ask themselves are "Am I performing excellently in my classroom?" or "Am I devoting sufficient time to testing my knowledge gained in the school?". Be positive and believe in the ability to achieve the target in the test.

(2) Develop concentration

Concentration can be developed by stopping mind wondering and stopping to think about the outcome of the effort spent. Always be optimistic and think about the positive result. Exercising, healthy diet and complete sleep of eight hours will make brain fresh and energetic. Find a peaceful place either the library or in a home away from TV, phone or computer games. Take a five minutes break after one hour of study.

(3) Prepare for the examination

Always study the essential topics first and try to understand the subject matter. Create a mind map of the problem. Do not hesitate to take help from parents, friends or teachers if there is no clear understanding the concept or topic. Analyse the exam pattern and practice some online papers.

During examinations carefully read and follow all the instruction given in the test paper. Do not overestimate and do not underestimate the exam paper, always remember that every candidate gets the same exam paper. If the exam paper is easy, then it is easy for everyone, and if it is difficult, then it is difficult for everyone. Do not spend too much time on one particular question. If confused and stuck in between then mark that question to come back if time permit and jump to another question.

Time Management Strategy to Succeed in GATE/ASET Test

posted Oct 10, 2018, 6:24 PM by Adam Yu   [ updated Oct 18, 2018, 10:21 PM ]

Western Australia GATE/ASET Test is a timed exam, and most common reasons students fail in GATE test is running out of time. GATE test checks students' ability to process a significant amount of information within a short period of time. Students might come across questions which they have never seen before, and they will be examined on how to use different concepts collectively, filter unnecessary information to comprehend the relevant data and attention to detail in solving a complex interrelated problem. Students lacking time management strategy and skills will perform poorly due to time pressure and loss of concentration.

Since all questions in the GATE test are of same credits so there is no reason to give up on easier questions just by spending more time on more difficult ones. A lot of students panic when they can't find their answer in the given options. In such cases it is wise to mark the question, choose a best guessed answer and then come back later to check if time permitted. It is strongly recommended that students develop their own time management strategies in order to improve score.

Issue - Students tend to spend more time on one single question, which will only make them feel more anxious,  lose their confidence and negatively influence their thought process. Since there is less time left to attempt coming questions, students are forced to rush and make careless mistakes. 

Strategy - if any question can't be solved within reasonably amount of time, students can eliminate those highly unlikely answers and make a best guess over the left-overs. Mark the question to come back if time is available at the end. 

How Can Your Child Succeed in GATE Test When He/She Is Not Successful in Year 7 Entry?

posted Sep 30, 2018, 10:52 PM by Adam Yu   [ updated Oct 10, 2018, 6:24 PM ]

Not being successful in landing an offer in year 7 entry through GATE/ASET test leads most students and parents in WA to believe that this is the end of the story. However, this is not true. In such cases, students still have the opportunities to apply for year 9 and 10 entries. 

Don’t lose motivation.  It is the start. Disappointment and sadness are natural feelings. However, optimism should always be present. Not being successful to get an offer in year 7 entry is not the end of the road. It is only the chance to show that your child is determined to get back up and improve. Students should take this as an opportunity to learn from their mistakes. After understanding what went wrong, they should address it appropriately. When students follow this approach, you’ll learn to work smarter and harder than ever before. 

Be persistent. It is important to persevere. It is an old proverb that practice makes perfect. Students still have the opportunity to apply for year 9 and 10 entries. Furthermore, some selective schools offer excellent advanced learning tracks, e.g. the Specialist Mathematics Program from Rossmoyne SHS. 

Students should put in extra effort to succeed through GATE/ASET online practice. Aussin Coaching and Tutoring Academy has a wide range of GATE/ASET Test Practice Question Packages available on its website. These practice tests can make a vast difference when applying again for a selective school.

It is important to remember that when one opportunity is lost, another one open doors for your child. Students should be prepared to keep their eyes open in such cases. Do not lose hope, and with more practice and better preparation, your child can be successful!

How Can Your Child Do Their BEST In GATE/ASET Exam?

posted Sep 25, 2018, 4:41 AM by Adam Yu   [ updated Sep 30, 2018, 10:54 PM ]

1. Listen carefully to verbal instructions.

2. Read the instructions on the front cover of each test carefully.

3. Read each test question carefully before answering it.

4. Do not rush. If you find one question too difficult do not spend a long time on it. If you are stuck on one, just make a best guess, mark the question with a special sign,  move on and come back to it if you have spare time.

5. Each question is of equal value so it is unwise to spend too much time on any one question.

6. If you cannot decide between two answers, mark the letter of the answer you think is most likely correct. You may have time to go back to that question but in the meantime you have done the best you can.

7. No marks will be deducted for incorrect answers so it is best not to leave any answers blank.

8. Allow a little time at the end of the test to review and check over your answers.

9. Remember the tests are challenging and you have done the best that you can. Do not worry if you have left questions out and cannot finish the tests. 

What are the top winning strategies to succeed in the Western Australia GATE/ASET exam?

posted Feb 14, 2015, 10:54 PM by Adam Yu   [ updated Sep 23, 2018, 5:37 PM ]

Here are top 6 winning strategies which your child get to learn and master in order to succeed in Western Australia GATE/ASET Exam.

1. Practice! Practice! Practice!

Practice is everything! Understanding the layout of the exam, the style of questions and the best way to approach questions is crucial to success. It is strongly recommended to start taking practice questions at least 6–8 months before the BIG DAY. When there are only a few weeks away from the test, practice as much as possible. Get this done before it is getting too late! Bear in mind your neighbour's child might have been seeing a tutor more than two years ahead of time.

Grab Great Deals of GATE/ASET Online Practice and Mock Exam Papers Today!

2. Wear a "Problem Solver" Hat

A key and fundamental strategy in answering GATE/ASET exam questions is to know the best answer by using your problem solving skills. When the question does not seem to have an obvious choice, use your deduction skills to choose the best option which makes most sense.

Use the process of elimination to cross off an option which you know for sure it isn't the answer. Out of what is left, which one makes the most sense? If you spend time working on a problem and eliminate two answers, it should become much easier to make an educated guess over the rest.

3. Manage Your Time

Time allowed in each section is tough! So watch the clock and ensure you are ahead of it.

NEVER LEAVE ANY QUESTION UNANSWERED. GATE/ASET exam does not punish you for getting questions wrong, even through guessing. Therefore if you find yourself in a situation of running out of time before you get to the end of each section, don't panic, just quickly fill those little circles in - you have a 25% chance of each one being right - which is far better than a 0% chance if you don't answer them at all.

4. You've Got To Move On!

In Quantative Reasoning section, you have 35 questions to answer within 30 minutes which means you only get slightly more than 50 seconds to spend per question. Coming to Abstract Reasoning part, this number is further reduced to 35 seconds per question. This is hard to cope with!

Bear in mind each question is weighted equally - you won't earn extra marks from answering more challenging question by spending minutes to solve than you would for the easier one that just took 10 seconds. If you are stuck on one, just make a best guess (never leave questions unanswered!), mark the question with a special sign, move on and come back to it if you have spare time.

5. Track the Questions Answered

After every few questions, stop and check to make sure the question number on the answer sheet corresponds with the question being answered in the question booklet. There is nothing worse than discovering you have missed a question and all your answers are out of sync!

6. Practice Makes Perfect!

Don’t wait! Get your child to start preparing for this competitive exam from today! You can find some great deals of GATE/ASET Online Practice and Mock Exam Papers at Aussin Coaching and Tutoring Academy website.

What's it like to go to Perth Modern School?

posted Oct 13, 2009, 12:54 AM by Adam Yu   [ updated Sep 23, 2018, 2:28 AM ]

I have been tutoring my students for years to help them better prepare for GATE/ASET Test in Western Australia.

There are many parents who place Perth Modern top in their wish list. To be honest, Perth Modern does have some incredible opportunities and I have helped quite a few students to get in there and I have never heard anything negative about this school.

My GATE Prep School has received many inquiries from parents are hesitated in picking whether Perth Modern or a GATE program in another top-ranking high school which could be more friendly but have higher loading of homework and assignment during senior years. I would suggest parents to tour the schools to decide for themselves before making a decision.

Another good alternative to GATE programs is to consider the extension tracks that are only open to local enrolment. I heard some would ask GATE test report in support of student’s application for the extension program.

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