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Fraction Math Games

Are you looking for fun fraction math games? You came to the right place! These free online fraction games can help you to learn how to recognise different fractions such as one quarter, one half, two thirds. There are games to help with recognising equivalence, such as one third = two sixths, how to cancel fractions down and to practise comparing and ordering fractions.

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Equivalent Fractions Use the buttons to make the shape on the left match the shape on the right using a different, but equivalent, fraction. 
Dolphin Racing You can choose from easy or hard levels. The aim of the game is to compare the fractions and click on the one with the highest value. In the easy level you have four to choose from, but in the harder level you have six fractions to choose from. 
Fraction Lessons This is not really a game, more a series of interactive lessons which take you from "What is a Fraction?" to "Add/Subtract Fractions and Mixed Numbers". A good resource for revision which covers a lot of ground. 
Fraction Ordering Game In this BBC Skillswise game you have to drag the fractions into the correct order, from the smallest at the bottom to the largest at the top. There are three different levels. At the easiest level all the fractions are one part, e.g. 1/6, 1/3, 1/4. 
Fraction Monkeys Hang each monkey in the correct place n the fraction numberline. You may have to find the lowest common denominator, e.g hang the 1/2 monkey where it says 2/4 on the numberline. There are two levels, easy and harder. If you hang a monkey in the wrong place he will fall off! 
Melvin's Make-a-Match Help Melvin to match the fraction potion bottles. Click on any bottle and then you have to find one that matches. It could be two identical or equivalent fractions, or matching a fraction to a part-shaded shape. There are several levels which you can progress through. 
Fractotron A fraction is shown on the screen and you have to decide whether it is more than a half, the same as a half or less than a half and click the correct button. You have to be quick though otherwise you will miss your chance to answer the question.  
Fresh Baked Fractions Compare the fractions and click on the odd one out. If you get it right, the dog gets a piece of pie. There are four levels to choose from, Easy, Medium ,Hard and Super Brain. 
Falling Numbers In this game from Count On you practise finding a fraction of a number. You can play it as a two-player game or a single player can play against the computer. 
Fraction of a Number An interactive whiteboard activity from NGFL Cymru. Type in the answer to questions such as 1/2 of 8. If you're using it on an interactive whiteboard you can use the fraction wall to help you break the number down. 
Fraction Test In this game you have to type in the fraction of the shaded part. However, you must enter the fraction in its lowest terms, e.g. 3/4 rather than 9/12.  
Showing 11 items