Essay Writing Course

How To Write A High-Scoring Persuasive Essay Step By Step Guide

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Buy STAT SureWin+ Mock Test Preparation Package (4 full-length timed mock STAT exams)

A step-by-step online mentoring course that consists of 9 fully scripted modular video lessons each featured with theory contents, examples, self-diagnosis quizzes, and many more free useful tools... everything you need to master in order to write a high-scoring persuasive essay in your timed English writing exam. 

Lesson 1: Course Overview

Lesson 2: Persuasive Essay Planning Overview

Lesson 3: How to Analyse a Writing Task

Lesson 4: How to Plan Essay Structure

Lesson 5: How to Create Body Paragraph Ideas

Lesson 6: How to Putting Everything Together 

Lesson 7: How to Draft an Introduction Paragraph

Lesson 8: How to Draft Body Paragraphs

Lesson 9: How to Draft a Conclusion Paragraph

Bonus materials included

- 3 Fully Commented Sample Essays (Marine Parks, Childcare Support, Petrol Price)

- 6 Effective and Powerful Essay Planning Tools (Analyse Writing Task, Plan Essay Structure, Create Body Paragraph Ideas, Plan Introduction Paragraph, Plan Body Paragraphs, Opinions and Supporting Reasons)

- 2 Essay Checking List (Self-Checking, Peer-to-Peer Checking)

- 60 Hand-picked Persuasive Essay Topics    

- Secure online access valid for 365 days gives you plenty of time to refine your skills.

- Detailed diagnostic reports to help you instantly identify which components of the exam you are struggling with and which specific areas you should be devoting your precious study time.

- Proven to be a great way to assist you with time management during the exam.

- Get instantly notified about the exam result achieved and access the performance report to ensure you are making good progress.

- Our online course is mobile-friendly and designed to work across all types of browsers on any type of device - Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad or Android.

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