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Aussin Coaching and Tutoring Academy, we see learners as unique individuals with different values and ideas, and aim to develop meaningful positive relationships with students. We realise different tutors will better suit different students, so we make contact with the parent and tutor to ensure the tutor is suitable, and the learning objectives realistic.

At the initial tutoring session, tutor will identify any knowledge gaps that student has for current year and from previous years. Based on such findings, tutor will personalise student's learning experience through customized lesson plan to make sure knowledge gaps found are getting fixed as quickly as possible so the student has a strong enough foundation to learn, understand and master the topics being taught in school today. 

Student Success Factors

Step 1. We will try to assess your child's understanding of basic Maths and English concepts and topics to identify where the missing gaps lie. We will also aim to better understand the root causes of their learning weakness.

Carry Out Initial Maths and English Assessment

Step 2. We will then develop a personalised tutoring plan that will specifically address your child's needs and is structured in an achievable format. Our lessons are designed to be fun, engaging and best of all - highly effective.

Develop Personalised Lesson Plan

Step 3. With frequent tutoring visits to your home, your child completes each lesson following personalised lesson plan. Your child will be given every opportunity to excel at school and succeed in the future. You will be advised on each achievement your child make via email, phone call and face-to-face discussion.
Student Progress Report to Parents

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Individual Attention

Aussin tutors devote their full attention to each learner, tailoring a plan of action that takes into account criteria unique to each student.

Interactive Teaching

Aussin students learn mastery of material through two-way interaction and dialogue with tutors. 

The Support Community

At Aussin Coaching and Tutoring Academy, parents, students and tutors communicate their goals and expectations with each other along the tutoring process.


A positive self-image, grounded in reality, makes everything for Aussin students embark upon easier. 


Aussin students maintain interest and excitement because their input is valued and implemented whenever possible. 


Aussin students overcome obstacles impeding their achievement and realize their full potential.