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Aussin Coaching and Tutoring Academy is specialized in preparing students in Australia to excel in Gifted and Talented Exams including GATE in WA and Selected School Test in other states. 

As a way to say thank you for your great support, we are posting challenging math word problems on a regular basis. All the questions are hard and FREE with the answer keys and full explanations.

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How to find answer keys and full explanations of the questions?

We shall publish the answer keys and full explanations of the questions in our student test portal where you can create a new student account for FREE.

1) Log in to the student test portal

2) Click "Notifications" in the left menu to retrieve a list of Answer Keys/Full Explanations for the questions that you have received in batches. 

The batch number can be found along with the questions you receive. Click open one particular Answer Keys/Full Explanations item and download the .pdf document that contains the answer keys and explanation details.