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Australian Academy of Maths and English (Perth) is a specialist tutoring academy focused on helping Western Australian Primary School and High School students achieve top results in Maths and English subjects.

At Australian Academy of Maths and English (Perth), we are dedicated to helping our students reach their full potential. We strive to do this by transforming our students to be true learners; by instilling them with the knowledge, confidence, vigour and insight to be successful in their academic and personal lives. 

Our One-On-One in-home private tutoring lessons support exactly what is being taught in school. Our interactive tutoring, testing and revision programs cater to all learning styles and abilities.

Maths Tutoring, English Tutoring, GATE Preparation, Selective and Scholarship Tutoring

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Maths Tutoring, English Tutoring, GATE Preparation, Selective and Scholarship Tutoring
1-on-1 private tutoring, Personalised Lesson Plan, Individual Attention, Student Progress Report

1-on-1 Private Tutoring

1-on-1 Private Tutoring

1-on-1 Private Tutoring

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Stefan Ciutina excelled in GATE test and gained entry in Perth Modern School
“We are very happy with the entire service provided by AAME. The fact that our son (Stefan) was able to take in so much to prepare for GATE test from subject matter, examination tips and practice exams. He was successful in his aim to gain entry into Perth Modern School and now has the best opportunity to achieve his goals in life. We believe it was his time with AAME which made the difference and we are very grateful for all they did for Stefan.”  
– Daniela Ciutina, Mother

"Hi, Adam. Just want to share the good news with you... Ansel's got offer of placement in GATE exam at Willetton Senior High School! We want to thank you for all your effort in helping Ansel! Thank you so much."

Resmi, Mother of Ansel Santhosh (Year 6), Kelmscott 

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Grace Lim, Year 9, Student of the Month

"My experience with AAME has been quite beneficial on my part. In both English and Maths subjects, I have become more confident in tackling areas where I had previously been unsatisfied with my own performance. My writing and thought process has sped up in a short time. Additionally my progress in Maths has improved and my understanding learned on Saturdays helped me greatly in tests. I think I am excelling in my studies and my overall performance has improved!"

Tesimonial of Grace Lim, Student of the Month

Mother of Adam Xavier, Year 3, Student of the Month

"On behalf of my son Adam Xavier, I would like to thank Adam Yu and other AAME teachers for teaching him and making him understand better. Adam has improved a lot in English and Maths. He loves coming for classes at AAME. Thank you once again for all your guidance. Just to mention at the beginning of the school term Adam secured an honour certificate for achieving a perfect score in Maths."

Tesimonial of Adam Xavier, Student of the Month

Mother of Lani Turnbull, Year 6, Student of the Month

"Thank you Adam and your wonderful team!! We are so proud of Lani and hard work she is putting in and the results that are being achieved."

Mother of Kamron Sandu, Year 10, Student of the Month

"I would like to thank AAME for the difference it has made in my son's life.  Kamron always approached maths with an ‘It’s too hard’ attitude. Since attending the AAME classes Kamron is more confident in his approach. This is evident in his midterm results and his whole approach to learning. I would strongly recommend Adam and his team to my family and friends.  You've done a great job!"

Kamron Sandu, Year 10, Student of the Month

"I have seen huge improvement since I came here at the beginning of the year. My confidence has gone up. I've learnt new ways to understand and solve problems. I have also moved up a pathway on my maths class at school. Thanks to AAME for your help!"

Tesimonial of Kamron Sandu, Student of the Month

Chris Holmes, Year 7, Student of the Month

"AAME tutoring has helped me to improve in every way. I am encouraged to do the best as I can. At AAME, I have been challenged with complex questions and the tutors explain them to me so I can understand and master them for the future!"

Tesimonial of Chris Holmes, Student of the Month

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1-ON-1 tutoring classes are delivered at student's home
All our 1-ON-1 tutoring classes are delivered at student's home

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